In addition to specializing in pine straw production, Georgia Pine Straw offers landowners a wide array of services to maximize land potential.  Take a look below at what how we can help you!  Please keep in mind that WE DO NOT DELIVER TO RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES!

  • Land and Timber Management
  • Reforestation of Timber and Cut Pasture Land
  • Land Clearing, Bedding and Subsoiling
  • Timber Consulting and Stewardship Plans

Advantages of Using Pine Straw  at Golf Courses


Pine Straw has been used successfully at golf courses throughout the United States and Canada.  The advantages of using pine straw include:


1) Ability to Quickly Locate Ball

Errant golf ball that are hit into the pine straw are easily located, reducing the time spent searching for lost balls.


2) Playability

The consistency of the pine straw, unlike wood chips, allows most golfers an opportunity to get their ball back into play, without severe penalty.


3) Health of the Trees

The pine straw provides additional nutrients and promotes healthy tree growth.


4) Vegetation Growth

The use of pine straw will reduce maintenance costs as it reduces the amount of vegetation re-growth.  It reduces the use of weed control chemicals and protects the tree trunks from weed trimmers.


5) Aesthetically Pleasing

The pine straw will add an attractive finishing touch to your golf course.