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At Georgia Pine Straw, we're proud to have rooted our services deep within the heart of Southeast Georgia. Our commitment to honesty, dependability, and meticulous attention to detail has solidified our reputation in this region.
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Are you looking for the finest Pine Straw in the state? You’ve come to the right place! We always keep our stock replenished with the highest and cleanest quality straw, ensuring we never run out, no matter how big the job. 

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Our Installation Process

We provide a free, on-site measurement of all beds to ensure a precise square footage.

We provide you with an accurate quote to cover your needs, based on the measurements.

We schedule and execute professional installation.

We clean up and follow up to ensure 100% satisfactory.

At Georgia Pine Straw clean, quality pine straw installed meticulously is our priority. 

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Pine Straw: a Game-Changing Mulching Material

Pine straw is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of landscaping. This natural mulching material is made from the fallen needles of pine trees and is an excellent choice for landscapers, retailers, and homeowners.

Pine straw helps suppress weed growth, regulate moisture levels, and provide nutrients to plants. It also breaks down slowly over time, meaning that it will continue to provide these benefits for months or even years with minimal effort on your part.

Pine straw can easily be bought from garden centers and hardware stores.