A Brief Guide On The Basics of Timber Stand Improvement

Timber Stand Improvement

Timber stand improvement is a forestry management technique used to increase a timber stand’s value, health, and productivity. You accomplish this by removing unhealthy or less productive trees while allowing healthier ones to grow. This technique has various potential upsides, including tax considerations for landowners, improved timber production, increased wildlife habitat, and improved aesthetics. Whatever […]

Sustainable Forest Management: Planning and Practices

Sustainable Forest Management

In 2021, the United States lost about 1.71 million hectares of natural forest, equivalent to 768 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. That statistic underscores the importance of sustainable forest management, a set of practices that protect the Earth’s forests while providing goods and services. A forest management plan can protect forests through careful planning […]

What Is the Most Environmentally Friendly Mulch?

Most Environmentally Friendly Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material that is spread over the surface of the soil. It can be made from organic or inorganic materials, and it can be either applied directly to the soil or placed on top of a layer of plastic. Mulch provides several benefits to plants and gardeners. It helps regulate soil […]

Reasons to Switch to Pine Straw Mulch

Reasons to Switch to Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw is a popular choice for gardeners and landscapers. There are many reasons why bales of pine straw are an excellent investment that yields long-term benefits to your plants. Pine straw is a natural product that helps the soil retain moisture while allowing it to breathe. It is also a good insulator, keeping the […]

What Is Pine Straw Used For?

What Is Pine Straw Used For

Pine straws are a type of mulch used to cover the ground around your garden or flowerbed. Pine straw mulch is often used in landscaping to prevent weeds, moderate soil temperatures, and improve soil moisture. For many gardeners, pine straw is a great way to add aesthetic value to their yard without the upkeep or […]

Pine Straw vs. Mulch: Which Is Better for Landscaping?

Pine Straw vs. Mulch

If you’re a landscaper or garden supplier, you’ve probably been asked: “Which is better, pine straw or mulch?” When choosing a ground cover for your landscaping, you have two main options: pine straw and mulch. Both have unique benefits, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential.  Let’s look at each option’s pros […]