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Georgia Pine Straw is a distributor of natural, sustainable, and clean pine straw, a superior bedding material for your trees and plants, that can be shipped nationwide.
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Our Process

Straw is Raked from our Own Pines

Straw is Bailed (1000 lbs) and Brought Back to the Yard

Straw is Unrolled and Cleaned for a Second Time

Straw is Rebailed and Prepared for Wholesale

At Georgia Pine Straw clean, quality bales are a priority. While you will find the occasional stick or pine cone, you should never discover trash in our straw. If you do, please let us know.

Pine Straw: a Game-Changing Mulching Material

Pine straw is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of landscaping. This natural mulching material is made from the fallen needles of pine trees and is an excellent choice for landscapers, retailers, and homeowners.

Pine straw helps suppress weed growth, regulate moisture levels, and provide nutrients to plants. It also breaks down slowly over time, meaning that it will continue to provide these benefits for months or even years with minimal effort on your part.

Pine straw can easily be bought from garden centers and hardware stores.

Advantages Over Other Organic Mulches

Pine needles are an excellent ground cover for preventing soil erosion. They are dense and interwoven, making them resistant to wind and water damage. Pine needles also help to regulate moisture levels in the soil, making it less likely for plant life to be damaged by drought conditions. 

They are long-lasting mulch and will continue to protect your soil for years.

Pine straw has a relatively high porosity, which means it can absorb and hold large quantities of water. This property makes pine straw an excellent mulch for flower beds, gardens, and landscaping. Pine straw is an ideal growing medium for plants, as it helps to improve drainage and aeration.

If you are looking for mulch that will beautify your landscape and provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive, pine straw is a great choice. Georgia Pine Straw is a pine straw wholesaler providing top-notch products for all your landscaping and gardening projects.

While pine straw effectively covers the soil to maintain temperature, moisture, and structure, weeds can quickly take over. Pine needles are high in nitrogen, which creates an ideal environment for weed seeds to germinate and grow. Consider mulch or another type of ground cover if you want to control weeds in your garden. 

However, pine straw is relatively low maintenance as it does not need to be replaced as often as other mulches. It only requires occasional raking or re-application.

For more information, talk to your pine straw distributor. They would be able to give their expertise and help you find a material that best suits your needs.

The fine texture and uniform colour of pine straw is simply more aesthetically pleasing to some users. The non-detracting, earthly façade brings out the colour, contrast and texture of landscapes. Pine Straw also prevents plants, flowers and fruit from becoming splashed with mud. Added annually it gives landscape a fresh clean and renewed appearance.

Pine Straw changes a rich auburn colour when wet.

Pine Straw breaks down more slowly than wood mulch, so it needs to be re-applied less often.
Pine Straw is easily handled because of its lightweight.